Zentangle® is a simple and fun method of relaxation, based on drawing and artistic creation. We create repeated and structured patterns using 5 very simple strokes that anyone can make: point, circle, straight line, curved line and double curved line.

We use drawing as a medium, it is not necessary to have any previous knowledge. The repetition and combination of these simple strokes takes us in a short time to a high state of concentration and full attention. That's why we call it Mind Yoga.

The Zentangle Method was created in the USA. by Rick Roberts and María Thomas in 2004. The name refers to the union of the words ZEN – meditative state, and TANGLE- entanglement, mess or challenge to solve.

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  • Increase concentration,
  • Develop creativity,
  • Reduces stress level,
  • Facilitates the mental state of meditation,
  • Improves motor skills and dexterity,
  • And its benefits can be applied to the rest of daily activities.

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