Zentangle First School

The last tangle is the first school dedicated to Zentangle art in Europe and we opened its doors in April 2017 in Madrid, despite the fact that our activity dates back to the beginning of 2014. Our main objective is to spread the enthusiasm and benefits of Zentangle to as many people as possible, that is why we not only give regular courses and monographic workshops in our school, but we also go out to teach Zentangle throughout Spain so that those who live abroad have the possibility of discovering this creative drawing method and so relaxing.

María Tovar, CZT 14 y CZT EU2

She is the first certified teacher in Spain and has been spreading Zentangle since 2014. Many of the certified Spanish teachers have been his students.

CZT 14 means Certified Zentangle Teacher in the 14th class.

Certified in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)


Mercedes Pérez Crespo, CZT EU2

It's the other part of The Last Tangle. She is in charge of organization and communication tasks, in addition to teaching Zentangle at school.

Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations and Graduated in Graphic Design and Corporate Identity from Institute for art and restoration, from Florence.

Certified in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)

CZT EU 2, means Certified Zentangle Teacher in the 2nd European class.


The last tangle collaborates with Hospital Doctor Rodríguez Lafora, reference center in Mental Health of the Community of Madrid, giving classes to nursing professionals to apply it with patients in Art-therapy workshops. The nurses share with us the very good results that they see every day and that help improve the quality of life of patients.
We also give Zentangle workshops in the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Madrid nursing students in their final year of graduation. We are happy for the great reception we have had there and for the magnificent results of the workshops.


We firmly believe in the possibilities of relaxation, improved attention and increased self-esteem thanks to the practice of Zentangle and we want to reach everyone !!
For this reason, we regularly hold volunteer workshops with various foundations and associations dedicated to caring for people at risk of social exclusion, cancer patients, the elderly, children with different abilities.
We always say that in these workshops we learn much more than what we teach ... and we fall short! And these workshops are possible thanks to the collaboration with the Foundations:

  • Solidarity Fun Foundation
  • Astura Foundation
  • Amigó Foundation
  • Coordinator iInfantil y Juvenil de Tiempo Libre de Vallecas
  • Fundación Ronald McDonald en el Hospital Niño Jesús
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